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Sale Schedule

SOLA is always open to receive cattle! We sell calves and yearlings each Wednesday beginning at 9 a.m. On Thursdays, we sell bulls, pairs and cows beginning at 10 a.m. We appreciate your business! Please call our office if you have a question about our schedule.

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Our History

Originally built in 1984, Southern Oklahoma Livestock Auction in Ada, Oklahoma began as a new and modern facility that quickly became a regional center for cattle trade. The market was built from nothing into a booming market that at one time ranked 2nd in the state of Oklahoma in sales volume. The founders, Forest Simpson and Ted Clark, were a team that will never be equaled. In 1995, the founders sold the market. SOLA has had 4 owners since that time. The National Livestock Companies that headquarter at the Oklahoma National Stockyards in Oklahoma City, OK, have owned the market since 2003.

The current managers are Robert York and Eddie Wollenberg who began management of the market in September 2016.

Eddie serves as our General Manager. He grew up in the salebarn business and was trained by legends of the industry. He currently makes his home in Payne, Oklahoma with his wife Kristi, daughter Emma, son Cole and son C. D. The family farms and runs stocker cattle. Eddie is also a bi-vocational pastor serving at Antioch Baptist Church.

Robert York serves as the LLC Manager for SOLA, LLC and helps manage the business and financial affairs of the company. Robert is a native of the Ada, Oklahoma. He was raised around the ranching business thanks to family members who taught him about hard work and integrity in business. Robert also serves as CEO of some companies in which the National Livestock companies play a management and ownership role including Superior Livestock Auction, OKC West, and the National Livestock Credit Corporation.

By providing new services, constant innovation, and attention to customer service, SOLA hopes to continue a legacy that was begun in 1984. Every customer counts and we thank you all for trusting your livestock consignment to our market.

Bid Cards

Our Services

In addition to selling cattle on consignment each week at our market near Ada, Oklahoma, we offer several services for the convenience of our customers.

Daily buying at our market is a new service. For your convenience, if you need to sell cattle on a day that is not our regular sale day, you can deliver your cattle to our market, weigh on our scales and we will offer you a fair price on the spot with immediate payment if a sales price can be agreed upon.

Video marketing of load lots is available in partnership with Superior Livestock Auction. SLA is the nation's leader in video marketing of cattle with a buyer base across the US. SOLA is a registered representative for SLA. Please ask about this option if you prefer to market your cattle via the video sales method.

Direct trade is always an option at SOLA. If you prefer to get bids on your cattle in the country, ask us about this service.

Cattle financing is not new, but you may not know that National Livestock Credit Corporation has been in business since 1932 financing only cattle during all those decades. The folks at NLCC know and understand the ups and downs of this business and they are ready to be your trusted partners in your cattle operation. SOLA has partnered with NLCC to help deliver financing to qualified applicants. Ask us about this service today.

Risk Management is a buzzword around the cattle business. All that really means is that you can purchase price insurance for load lots of cattle. By using the National Livestock forward hedging program, you can use futures and options if you finance your cattle with the National Livestock Credit Corporation or if you contract graze cattle in the National Livestock Grazing Program.

Order buying is available at SOLA. Visit with Eddie Wollenberg about filling an order to meet your needs.

Fresh country cows will be available for purchase at SOLA on a seasonal basis. With our contacts we can procure ranch fresh cows on order. Sets of young cows will also be available for immediate purchase at SOLA in drafts of 5 head or more. We hope to help meet the needs of local ranchers for good young replacement females.

Eddie Wollenberg and SOlA Customer

Our Mission

Our definition of customer service means constantly thinking about our customers and how we can make things more convenient. It also means helping to deliver the highest returns possible to your ranching operation through our services.

At SOLA, Every Customer Counts. We are located in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma. Our area is comprised of mainly smaller cow calf herds. Calves from our area play a very important role in the stocker industry across Oklahoma and other states. We want to help you gain added value to your calf crop in any way possible.

Our feeding program will promote a good fill-up for your calves before sale.

We contact buyers weekly before sale day to make certain that our seats are filled with buyers to compete for your cattle.

Through our cow procurement program, we can offer solid genetics to replace older cows in your herd. Procurement of bulls from the top producers in the US can also be arranged if you need our assistance.

SOLA plans to create several value-added calf sales where a good vaccination program can bring greater value for your calves when exposed through enhanced advertising to a group of program buyers.

Every Customer Counts. Thank you for trusting us with your consignment.